Have you been chatting up your crush? Hanging out, talking online or on the phone, generally trying to kindle that friendship?

Well then I have news for you.


Everything you thought you were doing right... is a LIE.

BUT! You can fix it right now with a few simple steps!

Allow me to show you how to undo your friendship and how to actually get it RIGHT by acting like a self-centered snob.


First of all:

Don’t ever call him. EVER. Not even if you’re dying. (ESPECIALLY if you’re dying... its a turn-off)

Don’t ever invite him to see a show with you. Or to an event. Or anywhere at all. If he really wants to go, he’ll ask YOU. Even if he didn’t know about it.

Don’t text him, or Facebook him, or send him a card. Remember, the best way to attract a guy is to not exist at all. And the key to any relationship is most definitely NOT communication.

(Also, sending cards has a high correlation to incidents of guys suddenly moving to another state and changing their number without warning).

Also, don’t EVER include him in your plans or suggest you would like him to join you and your friends. Heaven forbid he finds out that you’re a friendly and sociable person. (And remember? You don’t exist.)


And for goodness sake, don’t EVER tell a guy how you feel. Guys HATE when girls like them.

In fact, spit in his coffee. Diss his favorite band. Insult his dog. Tell him he has no future.

Treat him horribly to awaken his competitive hunter spirit. It will TRIGGER him to feel that he has to CHASE you, and force you, an awfully mannered girl, to change your ways completely and fall in love with him instead.

Because every girl deserves to win over a guy that expects her to change who she is just for him by being untrue to herself and tricking him.

And the last thing you need is a self-respecting guy who won’t tolerate that bullshit and might  give you up for another girl who actually treats him nice and is friendly.





What if it doesn’t work?

Don’t worry. This foolproof plan is 100% guaranteed to make your crush fall in love with you overnight.

BUT in the rare event he still ends up with someone else, despite you being completely invisible and NOT friendly?

He obviously did not respect you enough to recognize how much effort you put into being an uninterested ghost of a person, and didn’t deserve you!

Laugh at him and pity his new happy relationship with the poor, unwitting girl who actually was nice to him.

Because we all know that relationships formed on friendship, happiness and respect never last, but those formed on deception and playing mind games with each other do!


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